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Dr. Anthony Nichols
Chief of Head and Neck Surgical Oncology at Department Of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, Western University

Dr. Anthony Nichols

I would like to give my highest possible recommendation for Fabian. I have worked with him through Western University, as well as, through his freelance services. Specifically, he has provided comprehensive social media and web support for the cancer fundraiser that helps fund my research program. Fabian is always highly organized and constantly thinking about how to optimize our media approach. His work is consistently completed ahead of schedule and is of the highest quality.

Patrick Therrien
Senior Business Development Manager, WORLDiscoveries at Western University

Patrick Therrien

I would like to give Fabian my highest recommendation. I have worked with him on numerous projects throughout our time at WORLDiscoveries. He is a leader in his field. His superior skills in such topics as; web design, social media, e-commerce, digital marketing, software, branding, etc. allow him to consistently complete difficult & complex projects on schedule. Fabian is always creative, organized, and detail-oriented. An asset to any team. A pleasure to work with.

Susan Zablotniuk
Vice President, Aon Reed Stenhouse

Susan Zablotniuk

Fabian is the perfect combination of creativity and efficiency, with a positive unflappable attitude. He was a true pleasure to work with and his artistry was always appreciated.

John Deeks
Knowledge Mobilization and Impact Manager, BrainsCAN at Western University

John Deeks

Fabian is a single-handed comms, design and web development department. I hired him in 2010 and he grew his role, his responsibility and his skill-set constantly over the seven years we worked together. He embraced each new project and each opportunity to learn something new. He has great imagination and vision and can create new brands that encompass all materials and aspects of a venture. He is a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Nathan Gulliver
Vice President, Hub International

Nathan Gulliver

I had the pleasure of working with Fabian at Integro Insurance Brokers. During my time there, my primary focus was to drive business development which meant that I was always in need of new and creative marketing ideas. Knowing that it is always better to play to your strengths and outsource your weaknesses, I relied heavily on Fabian to come with new and exciting ways to entice prospective clients to do business with Integro and he never let me down.








Fabian Folias

Innovative, strategic, creative, digital media designer, marketer and communications professional/instructor.

In a competitively demanding industry, I am an organized and detail oriented results-driven leader, with a strong organizational, visual and logistical skill set. My leadership experience in creative conceptualization and communications has created a dynamic portfolio including versatile graphic print, web design, front-end development, and interactive projects.

In addition to my design practices, communications skills, and creative abilities, I have also been responsible for managing and maintaining web standards, operations, and content delivery. My responsibility in these roles includes ensuring that web servers and software are operating accurately, designing and updating microsites, website elements, implementing search engine optimization, generating and revising web pages via various content management systems, replying to user comments, and examining traffic through the site.

I am well versed in database software, payment-processing software, security software and using online media to sell products and services while utilizing social media to maximize community and brand awareness.

Business leadership attributes extend far beyond my creative aptitude with strong project management and customer relations skills. Direct and positive collaboration with clients has allowed me to identify, organize, define the scope of projects and provide creative solutions to problems by listening, aiding and facilitating the review/creative process. It is my mandate to ensure that I consistently produce final samples of graphic direction consistent with the company style guides or clients branding in the marketplace.

Furthermore, I am an outgoing team player with a keen focus on versatile and dynamic presentation styles.

Fabian Folias

Current Profession


Cardiovascular Network of Canada (CANet)

Formerly Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada (CANet)

Director of Digital Marketing and Communications (since August 2017)

  • Responsible for the creation, implementation, and measurement of success for the Network’s – comprehensive marketing, communications, and public relations strategies that enhance the Networks brand and position within the research and development healthcare sector and the general public, by facilitating internal and external communications; and, – marketing, communications and public relations activities and materials including publications, and media relation
  • Responsible for maintaining consistent communication of the Networks brand and position throughout the Network, and to all stakeholders, both internal and external
  • Responsible for design, editorial direction, production and distribution of all Network publications
  • Develop, maintain and manage the appearance of all Network print and electronic materials such as letterhead, collateral, brochures, newsletters, websites, and publications
  • Develop, coordinate and oversee activities, technical assistance, and resource materials to assist Network partners in the marketing, communications, and positioning of their activities
  • Provide counsel to Network partners on marketing, communications and public relations
  • Responsible for the success of the integrated communications strategy goals and financial objectives
  • Provide reporting to the Managing Director / Chief Operating Officer and Board of Directors on the progress of the integrated communications strategy goals and objectives
  • Develop short and long-term goals, plans and budgets for the Networks marketing and communications strategies
  • Monitor progress, assure adherence and evaluate the performance of all marketing and communications strategies
  • Work with the operations centre staff and Network members to develop and maintain activities aligned with the Networks strategic direction

Western Continuing Studies

Western University

Professional Instructor—Western Continuing Education (August 2015 — January 2021)

Course 01: Design for Public Relations

  • Teach a 12-week course as part of the Western University Post-Degree Diploma in Public Relations
  • Educate students about the fundamentals of graphic design theory from the perspective of managing this function of public relations
  • Teach the creation of documents and multimedia presentations to the standards acceptable to the communications industry
  • Provide software training for the use of the Adobe Creative Suite including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign
  • Explore the creative process and challenge students to think creatively with the knowledge of the principles and elements of design

Course 02: Foundations of Digital Marketing

  • Teach a 12-week course as part of the Western University Post-Degree Diploma in Marketing
  • Teach the critical disciplines surrounding digital marketing
  • Educate students with the application of various digital marketing channels
  • Provide knowledge of the latest Internet, consumer, mobile, technology, social, and media trends
  • Teach the theories and approaches to digital marketing
  • Teach the value of effective digital marketing strategies to organizations
  • Explore the creation of compelling digital content
  • Teach the development of clear objectives for digital marketing initiatives

Course 03: Digital Marketing: Strategies and Tactics

  • Teach a 12-week course as part of the Western University Post-Degree Diploma in Marketing
  • Teach effective digital marketing strategies
  • Teach digital marketing tools and tactics
  • Explore measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing initiatives